Energy savings.
We bring smiles.

The sun is simply one big battery for us.

We reduce your power bills and lower carbon footprint.

The sun is simply one big battery for us.

What we do

Our custom made Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) 

Free panels & setup

We will custom design and install most efficient solar solution at your location for free.

Free maintenance

We own the equipment & constantly monitor your system to ensure it's running smoothly at no added cost.

Cheaper Electricity

You will pay only for the power you consume through our panels at prices less than Utility or Discom costs.

Energy savings

Our pre-agreed solar cost (with small escalation) saves you a lot compared to fluctuating utility costs over 15-20 yrs.

Go Green

We can make an average home offset 178 tons of co2 in 30 years. It's like planting 10 football fields full of trees. 

Need more details?

Contact us and we will endeavor to make a custom PPA that works best for both of us.