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How much does solar power cost?

Well, thanks to advances in financing and technology, unlike good old days you need not spend any money on the solar panels, installation and maintenance.

You simply need to pay for the power consumed through the installed solar system. This price is cheaper than the utility or DISCOM prices. It has pre-agreed escalation which results in long - term savings compared to the unpredictable DISCOM prices

How is solar power generated and supplied?

The power is generated through panels which are installed on rooftops or at Utility-scale solar power plants.

In rooftop installations, the DC power generated by panels is fed into an inverter for AC conversion. This current is fed into your electrical panel, which powers your home or office.

You are still connected to your electricity provider, and you will only use solar power while the panels generate electricity.

Will I be able to use the solar power at night?

Since our panels do not generate electricity at night, this can only be achieved by storing the excess power generated during the day, into a battery. This not a good solution for some reasons.

Better, solutions exist wherein you can earn credentials and turn them into money by feeding excess power generated during the day into the electricity grid.

However, as per today, we can not offer back to the grid, or neighborhood solutions in India.

What if I sell my property?

You can either transfer our agreement to a new owner or we can shift the existing setup to your new location at no additional costs.

We can simply transfer our agreement with you to the new owner. We will collect both of your signatures and you will be released from the agreement. The new owner will then receive a welcome kit from us and he will get to be one of our clients.

Or, we can shift the existing setup to your new location at no added costs. You can continue saving energy bills using our solutions.