Tailored for Businesses and Industries

Working with industries had been our top priority in our central goal to make Acintya Energy a main solar energy provider in India. We are constantly looking for opportunities where we can use our expertise to help industries save bills and switch to a cheaper and better source of energy.

Since there is a fast rise in energy innovation, we at Acintya are always upgrading ourselves to offer several choices that can be custom-made to address your specific needs. Our scope of solutions includes custom made Power purchase agreement (PPA) with zero upfront costs, system monitoring applications, a mounting technology that gives a dazzling look and enables faster installation and improves power density.

Sun shines in India for 300 days a year, theoretically, we can produce more energy (~5,000 Trillion Kilowatt-hours) than the possible output of all known fossil fuel energy reserves in India. Acintya energy is a piece of this era attempting to make India, change to better and cheaper sources of energy and bring smiles to generations to come.

If you are looking for a cheaper and better choice of energy for a schools and colleges, malls, companies, local businesses, water grids, agriculture, housing, industries or others then please get in touch with us. We will ask you about your energy bills, do our survey of your location using maps and get back to you in no time. Acintya energy has a team of experts who are enthusiastic to present and explain everything from benefits to the risks of Industry based deployments. We will provide you in detail the benefits you will reap over the next twenty years. We will make you an arrangement that best will work for both of us.

Our Solutions

Know about our financing, monitoring and mounting solutions

Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

There is a sudden rise in the use of advanced financial models and innovation into solar sector, because of which the expense of solar energy systems is turning out to be much lesser than conventional ways of energy generation in India.

We at Acintya Energy constantly update our models to bring make energy cheaper for all. Acintya energy is backed up by world-class investors investing in renewable energy, as a result, we are able to offer you a good deal with zero capital expenditures.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

0 no upfront
costs to you
  •  Pay for the power consumed per month. (Upto 0-3.9% escalation)
  • Host for a pre-agreed term of 10-25 years
  •  Free panels, installation, monitoring and maintenance.

Internet-based real-time monitoring

Monitor your system online

Acintya energy offers a monitoring solution at no additional cost. We will install hardware, which securely connects to our back end using the internet. We will help you set up an account at one of our front-end monitoring websites. You can log in and monitor your system's solar performance metrics 24/7 in real time.

Automatic triggers and Maintenance

At our end, our monitoring management solutions help us to ensure our system is producing as promised. In the case of any triggers, it automatically notifies our team, who will address the issue.


Using this generated data, we want to build logics and offer insights that could help businesses identify additional opportunities that could reduce your energy costs. These insights can be used to create and share green credentials online.

Our mounting technology

At Acintya energy, our team could either collaborate with your own designer or come up with our own design to make the solar project on your roof look fabulous.

Our entire setup will expand the atmosphere of your roof. If you are a shopping complex, you could enable rooftop access for customers to unwind in the midst of solar panels. Likewise, a school can setup up a craft room beside its rooftop solar installation.

We will handle each step of your solar project

A generated image with the background of sky and stars. It has icons for all the features we offer like, site audit, system design, permitting, agreement, installation, test, link-connect , monitor and maintenance. We offer everything under one roof.

Trust in a team that is with you all the way

From start to finish we will discuss best options with you and handle each step.

Get our free consultation, we will survey your site and present multiple options to you. Acintya investors will help you secure and fund your project quickly.

We will design your system according to your energy needs and rooftop analysis. We implement our design using best available technology and hardware. Throughout this process, we stick to best practices and standards so that our design optimizes utilization and offers maximum performance.

We take care of all the permits. Our installation is fast. We have experienced and trained electricians who handle with care and perfection.

Once you turn on the power, you can log in and monitor your system's solar performance metrics 24/7 in real time. If there are any triggers, it automatically notifies our team, who will address the issue.

We are proactive in maintaining the solar installation. You can call us anytime for any maintenance requests.

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