Energy savings. We build smiles.

Our Mission

Acintya Energy helps save on electricity bills for residential, commercial, industries and utility scale sectors in India. The more you spend on power the more we can save in your bills.

Thanks to the continuing advances in financing research and logistics, blended with sophisticated technology, we as a team constantly update ourselves to bring the best decision of renewable energy at low costs to our customers. We ensure our financing and innovation across the globe are well integrated to improve lessening in carbon outflows.

Our Values

Customer Centric

Acintya puts customers savings and service at the forefront. Acintya spends significant time to research customer needs and present outstanding solutions that work best for both of us.


Acintya endeavors to earn the trust of customers, we believe in strong long-term relationships. We only commit to projects if it's a win-win situation.

Value Driven

Right from bootstrapping stage as a startup until now, we at Acintya constantly learn inside-out and train employees, who fine tune implementations in several areas that relate to our operations to create maximum value.


We take after best practices and thoughts from pioneers in business, technology, startups and operations to discuss them and study their practicality towards our procedures. We are eager to implement advances that could change the world.

Environment and community

Acintya strives to make the world that uses cheaper & safer energy to bring smiles for generations to come. We update our policies to demonstrate an ethical framework that obliges to act to benefit the society at large.

Employee empowerment, safety and work balance

Acintya encourages employees to take initiatives. We engage them to lead and decide. We make and keep up solid work-life parity for our representatives.