How it works?

Get our free solar consultation

Get in touch for a free consultation. We will ask you a few simple questions about your energy usage and take a look at your roof using maps.

If we can save your energy bills and if everything else looks good, then we will prepare a customized report with multiple options predicting your savings for the next 20 years.

Get your solar system design

We will visit your location, take pictures and rooftop measurements. Using these we will design your system according to your energy needs and rooftop analysis. We stick to best practices and standards. Our design optimizes utilization and offers maximum performance. Our design also improves the atmosphere of your roof, you would want to visit it more often.

Sign your agreement

The front page of the agreement will include all the crucial points of interest. It contains every one of the subtle elements from your chosen financing option to warranties.

Get solar installed at your ease

By now, we will have all the necessary details about your location. It takes a day to get solar panels installed. We take care of all the permits. Our installation is fast. We have experienced and trained electricians who handle with care and perfection.

Turn on the power

You can now turn on the power. It's a begin with a fresh start. You can login to our monitoring front end. After the first month, you can share your savings and green credentials online.

What it costs?

Here are our basic power purchase agreement options. Pay for the energy consumed each month at rates lower than utility prices.

Solar PPA

0 Zero down payment
Get solar consultation
  • Free panels, installation, monitoring & maintenance.
  • Pay for the power consumed per month. (Upto 0-3.9% escalation)
  • Agreement term is 15-25 years.

Why choose us?

Strong Financials

Acintya energy is tied up with world renowned investment companies who fund in the renewable energy sector across the globe. We also have strong ties with Indian companies who are actively investing in the renewable energy projects in both public and private sector.

Solar Expertise

Thanks to the continuing advances in financing research and logistics, blended with sophisticated technology, we as a team constantly update ourselves to bring the best decision of renewable energy at low costs and further make customized solutions as per the needs of our customers.

Focus on best solutions

We take after best practices and thoughts from pioneers in solar technology, operations, financing and customer care to discuss them and study their practicality towards our procedures. We are eager to implement advances that could change the world.

Learn more about our company and team.

Get our solar consultation