There is a sudden rise in the use of advanced financial models and innovation into solar sector, because of which the expense of solar energy systems is turning out to be much lesser than conventional ways of energy generation in India.

Since there is a fast rise in energy innovation, we at Acintya are always upgrading ourselves to offer different choices that can be custom-made to address your specific needs. Our scope of solutions incorporates a few choices from utility-scale PV deployments to open access grid services.

Sun shines in India for 300 days a year, theoretically, we can produce more energy (~5,000 Trillion Kilowatt-hours) than the possible output of all known fossil fuel energy reserves in India. Acintya energy is a piece of this era attempting to make India, change to better and cheaper sources of energy and bring smiles to generations to come.

Our Solutions

What is Utility-scale solar?

At a utility-scale solar facility, solar power is generated and fed into the grid to be used by a utility.

In India, Open Access allows users having more than 1 megawatt (MW) of connected load to buy power from the open market. We use current technology to connect these users to power generated at your location.

We only commit to utility-scale solar projects only if it is a win-win situation for all the partners involved. It is less expensive electricity for the power user and Acintya energy offers numerous choices to the landlord to make revenue out of his facility.

Full service Solar power provider

Acintya energy is a full-service solar power provider. We provide services in obtaining PPAs in the bidding process, finding a right investor, choosing a right EPC company, procuring land, O & M services. We take each opportunity to serve PV solutions to companies present in India, who might want to spare costs, secure energy supply and be cost effective in their utility bills.

Trust in a team that's with you all the way

Everything under one roof

Site Audit

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System Design

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Link and connect

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Monitor and maintenance

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Financing with no upfront costs

Acintya energy is backed up by world-class investors investing in renewable energy, as a result, we are able to offer you a good deal with zero capital expenditures.

Cheaper power generation & custom PPA

Acintya Energy's Solar Installation and system upgrades will guarantee the cost of power generated by our system to be lower than power generated by conventional means. Our pre-agreed solar cost (with small escalation) in our PPA (Power Purchase agreement) shields you from fluctuating utility costs over 15-20 yrs.

Customer centric approach

Acintya energy has a team of experts who are enthusiastic to present and explain everything from benefits to the risks of a utility-scale solar. We will provide you in detail the benefits you will reap over the next twenty years. We will make you a plan that best could eliminate your risks. It would be great if you reach us.

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